Development Portfolio

Listed here are websites and development projects that I have been involved with. Due to the nature of time the majority of these sites have since been revised, updated or are now defunct. In most cases I have included a screen grab and a link to the 'way-back-machine'.

Note: Most customers at the time requested Flash based sites so it may require the Flash browser plugin to view, sigh.

Citrix Online, 2006-2017

In 2006 I joined the web development team for Citrix Online. We mostly maintained and optimized the main websites ( and and created tons of marketing landing pages. By 2013 the development team and product line grew from 3 people and 2 products to 15 developers, 5 QA engineers, and 6 UX designers and 7 products (,,,, and In 2013 we switched to Agile development and I moved into a Scrum Master role which I continue to this day.

Jennifer Joseph, visual artist's website, 2007

In 2007 Jennifer Joseph asked me to update her site, see previous version below, with lighter colors and to include a theme she was working with at the time. She wanted the site to have movement and interactive behavior. Using Flash and ActionScript I created an animated hover effect using two spirographical forms overlapping each other which gave a moire effect that Jennifer was pleased with.


Customer Care Coach, Motivational Speaker's website, 2005

JoAnna Brandi is a motivational speaker that specializes in training companies and their employees how to empathize and communicate with their customers. For this site I focused on the information architecture and how users would experience the site. I worked with JoAnna to simplify her offer and make it easier for visitors to scan the site which led to the 'Tab' menu using "cutting edge" CSS2.


Jennifer Joseph, visual artist's website, 2003

In 2003 I worked with the artist Jennifer Joseph to create a site that showcased her current work. She wanted to have a site with color and movement which I accomplished using Flash and ActionScript.


Wiseman & Gale & Duncan Interiors, 2002

Collaborating with the designer Heather Roser, I did the illustrations and development, we created a beautiful website for an interior design company in Santa Fe, NM.

On this project I learned how to gather requirements from the client and how to set expectations on the deliverable using a phased contract approach. I also learned the hard-way that Flash was not the right tool for a company that needed to show lots of inventory that was only on hand a short time.


Pomegranate Studios, Santa Fe NM, 2002

I was given the opportunity to design and develop a site for a theatrical dance studio that specializes in Middle Eastern dance. My client, studio founder/director Myra Krien, was a dream to work for. She allowed me to use my illustrations and design to create a dramatic color scheme and highly styled site with slideshows and music.


Freddy Caston, visual artist's website, 2001

Freddy Caston was one of my mentors and a dear friend. I spent many hours listening to him talk about art history and color theory. I built him a few large canvases using my stagecraft experience. He taught me how he used a projector to make the base painting and then over time using oil washes to build up the composition and brilliance. He also introduced me to Chinese calligraphy which lent grace and intention to his figures, contours, and lines.

The site I made for him was minimalistic, as requested, and I learned from him that sometimes in design simpler is better.

Freddy died in 2017 at the age of 90 and I miss him dearly.

MaxMaker, 2000

MaxMaker was a visual web based sales tool I was contracted to develop by Power Techniques International in Reno, NV. The tool was for ordering custom powered, rack mounted, server cabinets that they manufactured. The main objective was to let the customer choose components like size, doors, panels, and power type while at the same time dynamically create an order number specific to all the components and features they selected.

The value of this tool was letting customers see what they were going to get, empowering them in the decision process, and shortening the sales interaction with representatives. The dynamic purchase order made it easy for the manufacture to fulfill the the orders and provided a visual reference when speaking to customers.

I used Adobe Flash and ActionScript to create the tool and then embedded the tool on the company's website.


Power Techniques International, 1996

This was my first website when the Web was really new and the <img> tag was just introduced. Most sites at the time were text based and for layout used the <table> tag. I was grateful for the opportunity to create a company's website with virtually no experience. Amazingly this site got me my next job with as an internet subject matter expert.